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100% of your donation will go directly to 50 vulnerable children at the Sunshine Day Care providing them with health care, creative opportunities, learning tools and one nutritious meal

2019 Greatest Needs Fund
Beneficiaries: 50 vulnerable children 2-5 years, living in the Trincomalee District,
Eastern Province, Sri Lanka.

Many families living in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka continue to face enormous challenges in their day to day lives. Often living below poverty lines many of these communities still lack of basic health care facilities, nutrition, clean drinking water and permanent homes making them feel vulnerable and helpless. The Sunshine Charity has created a Greatest Needs Fund to address the greatest needs of the children. By contributing to this fund, you will make a lasting impact on the lives of the Sunshine Children. Please check TO DONATE on the home page of our website www.sunshinecharity.org or contact us at Contact Us. Your gift will directly benefit individuals in need. We thank you for your donation and your concern.

US$228 (LKRs. 41,500) will provide 1 glass of Milk to 50 children per month

US$ 150 (LKRs. 26,000) will provide 1 Nutritious Meal a day to 50 children per month

US$ 175 (LKRs. 32,500) will provide 1 set of Uniforms to 50 children

US$ 176 (LKRs. 32,000) 1 Nutritional Assessment and Screening of Pregnant Mothers and 1 Discussion with Mothers on Nutritional Needs of Children

US$ 2,759 (LKRs. 501,450) will provide Pharmaceutical Drugs - Multi-Vitamin & Iron and Worming treatment) to 50 children for one year

US$ 195 (LKRs.35,000) will provide Footwear to 50 children to prevent worm infection

US$ 82 (LKRs. 15,000) will provide Educational Material to 50 children for one year

US$ 288 (LKRs. 52,600) will provide Learning and Drawing material 50 children for one year